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Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Travel & Tourism Business

Did you know that email marketing offers the highest return on investment (ROI) of all types of marketing with an average return of $36 for every $1 spent? That’s a pretty impressive statistic, especially if you’re a small business in the travel and tourism industry.

In the end, the majority of individuals meticulously organize their travel plans and holidays months ahead, offering you ample opportunity to dispatch compelling emails to prospective customers. These emails can serve as a persuasive tool, encouraging them to opt for your agency to fulfill their travel requirements. Now, the question arises: What are the key strategies for successful email marketing within the travel industry?

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How is email marketing applied within the travel industry?

People have a deep affinity for travel. As per Phocuswright Research, 36% of travelers consider travel as a significant spending priority. With a considerable number of individuals willing to invest in enriching travel experiences, it becomes imperative for travel and tourism marketers to prioritize delivering valuable information on travel deals, trends, and safety.

So, how do these travelers access the information they require? Despite the increasing prevalence of social media, a significant number of individuals continue to rely on travel email marketing when making their travel decisions. Surprisingly, 58% of people check their email as their first activity in the morning, prioritizing it over social media or news updates.

These statistics are immensely promising for email marketing within the travel industry. They signify that implementing an effective travel email marketing strategy can position you to reach millions of potential customers who are keen to engage with the information you deliver.

Travel email marketing can be used to:   

  1. Attract and Retain Customers:

    • Provide comprehensive trip details and updates.
    • Showcase the value of your travel agency.
  2. Promotions and Special Offers:

    • Send customers promotional discounts.
    • Offer special deals to stand out in the industry.
  3. Social Media Engagement:

    • Provide a platform for customers to connect on social media.
    • Foster better relationships through online engagement.
  4. Customer Information Collection:

    • Gather customer information for personalized emails.
    • Tailor emails to specific customer needs.
  5. Expertise Showcase:

    • Answer frequently asked questions about travel and tourism.
    • Demonstrate expertise in the industry.
  6. Website Traffic Generation:

    • Direct customers to your travel and tourism website.
    • Allow clients to explore services and book through your agency.
  7. Personalized Emails:

    • Offer personalized information based on customer preferences.
  8. Persuasion for Travel:

    • Convince individuals to take a trip, even if unplanned.

How effective is email marketing in the travel & tourism business?

Used correctly, email marketing stands out as one of the most cost-effective methods to attract customers to your service. The efficacy of this marketing strategy for your travel business can be attributed to several key factors:

  1. People Like Receiving Emails:

    • Most people on email lists expect and want promotional emails.
    • Emails are more likely to be read, attracting new customers.
  2. Mobile Devices Enable Constant Email Checks:

    • Smartphones allow frequent email checks, even during travel.
    • Travelers use smartphones for destination research, enhancing the chances of gaining new customers.
  3. Email Marketing Still Trumps Social Media:

    • Despite social media popularity, more people turn to emails for promotions.
    • Social media should be part of marketing plans, but email marketing generates more interest.
  4. Segmentation for Targeted Content:

    • Subscribers can choose to receive specific types of emails.
    • Provides insights into popular content and increases the likelihood of acquiring new customers.
  5. Personalization Enhances Engagement:

    • Email segmentation reaches target audiences.
    • Personalized emails make customers feel special and build a relationship.
    • Automating personalization is a straightforward yet effective strategy.
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An effective method to collect email addresses for your mailing list is to incorporate a form on your website that provides incentives for signing up.

What types of emails should you include in an effective email marketing program?

Now that you understand how email marketing is utilized in the travel and tourism business and its powerful impact, the next step is to establish an effective email marketing program for your small business.

One of the crucial elements of an effective email marketing strategy is delivering the right message, in the right format, at the right time. Consider incorporating the following types of emails into your campaign:

  1. Welcome Email:

    • Automate a welcome email for signups.
    • Achieve a high open rate (82%).
    • Offer special deals or brand information.
    • Remind customers to set preferences for segmented emails.
  2. Invitation to Connect:

    • Send a follow-up email a few days after the welcome email.
    • Inform contacts about ways to learn more about your business.
    • Invite them to engage with social media, visit the website, and review sites.
  3. Milestone Email:

    • Reward customers with birthday offers or holiday discounts.
    • Inform about anniversary deals or loyalty rewards.
  4. Newsletter Emails:

    • Provide vacation ideas, travel news, expert interviews, and package information.
    • Keep travelers informed about your latest services.
  5. Informational Emails:

    • Offer expert advice through travel guides and scheduling updates.
    • Share information like bad weather warnings to help customers make better decisions.
  6. Confirmation Emails:

    • Send confirmation emails once customers book through your agency.
    • Utilize the high open rates to include additional offers or deals.
  7. Thank You Emails:

    • Express appreciation to subscribers.
    • Request customer surveys to gather feedback and improve services.

What types of emails should you include in an effective email marketing program?

Email marketing offers exceptional return on investments (ROIs) across various industries, but its impact is particularly potent in the travel and tourism sector. Fortunately, crafting effective emails is straightforward, even for those lacking extensive experience in email design.

To delve deeper into designing impactful email campaigns for travel and tourism businesses, we invite you to download our free, comprehensive guide. This resource is designed to help you comprehend how individuals discover your business online and how strategies like travel email marketing can be leveraged to your advantage.

For those seeking swift and hassle-free development of email marketing campaigns, Constant Contact provides effective tools. This includes a variety of email templates tailored for different types of emails, allowing customization to effectively promote your travel and tourism business.

Travel email marketing presents an opportunity to provide special deals and promotions to customers actively seeking information. Your emails can guide travelers through every stage of their journey, fostering positive relationships with clients. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced professional, online marketing resources ensure that travel email marketing can be wielded effectively to build and strengthen your brand.

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